Seeing the Light: Figure Painting in Oils - The Portrait

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This video was filmed during a three-day portrait painting workshop and is designed to help painters work with direction and confidence. I created this video because I believe that if you want to paint you should! There is no reason to wait. My step-by-step methodology was developed over the course of twenty years of teaching students to paint from observation with excellent results. Now, you can follow along with the demonstrations and work at a comfortable pace in the privacy of your own studio. Handouts are included and can be printed from your computer. The video is divided into three sessions that progressively address the fundamentals of painting a portrait. Moving from general information to specifics this DVD covers topics that will be of interest to students of all levels of experience.  

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Watching Cynthia Grilli's "Seeing the Light: Figure Painting in Oils" is helpful even for the experienced painter because Grilli's technique reinforces the importance of using glazes to introduce depth of color, richness and mystery to the shadows.  Grilli's demonstration of color mixing and color theory provides valuable insight into how to make a painting glow. 

"Seeing the Light" reinforces the important basics for a successful start to a painting:  using the center line to hold features in place; the importance of using the viewfinder for compositional placement; and the use of a limited palette to steer away from dramatic edges, darks and lights at first.

Grilli's metaphoric language such as "body paint" helps painters understand the importance of building up the light on a figure.   Her description of starting broadly with big brushes and then completing a painting with smaller bushes while "crawling like an ant" over the surface helps the painter remember to start freely, then get the important details right as the painting progresses.

Grilli's painting techniques apply not only to figure painting but to still life and landscape painting as well.  If you want to paint like a master, watch Cynthia Grilli's "Seeing the Light; Figure Painting in Oils" and get started on the path.  
-Elizabeth Turner Wallace-

I have watched many painting DVDs during my painting career. I must say that your DVD is:

1.  Very easy to follow;
2.  Flows well;
3.  Filled with valuable information;
4.  Personable: I felt like I was your only student being taught by a Master who's true desire was that I become a more accomplished painter.
-Irene Parker-

I wish I had seen Cynthia's presentation years ago.  It would have save me hours of struggling with oil painting.  She is able to articulate and demonstrate her techniques, allowing the viewer to grasp concepts quickly.  She explains how to compose a portait, how to neutralize paint as a basis for mixing, and then to build the paint on the canvas using glazing and body paint.  She makes use of her own terminology to simplify painting.  I learned how to begin the portrait using a triangular method to check proportions and angles.  I also learned how to determine values, soften edges, use warms and cools to turn the portrait to give it depth, and how to mix paint on the palette in order to cut down on decision making when applying paint.  Cynthia uses a resolution pyramid which lays out the steps to painting a portrait from start to finish, and is also used as check list.  It was very helpful to me in order to stay on track and maintain focus.  The DVD was extremely helpful in understanding the painting process.  I am happy that I bought this DVD, it is well worth the money.
-Rosalie Irish-

Wow! Wow! Wow! Kudos to this whole project and your effort to reach the masses in a logical, sophisticated and yet simple way. I have been waiting years for this video. It is without a doubt the most valuable learning tool in my studio.

I love the resolution pyramid. Its brilliant. I am methodical and yet scattered, so I appreciate a valid reference that will keep me on track.

I needed "medium wisdom" and you provide it in the video. There are so many different takes on the subject, it just comes down to an educated choice to commit to one. I understood the explanation and psychology behind yours. Yea!

I now have an understanding of the whole "ish" thing. Dare I say, I now get the "ishness" of painting. Its a beautiful thing. Not to understate the magic of
glazing and the transference from transparency to opacity.

I know that every time I watch this video, I will learn something new or be reminded of something I forgot, such as darks thinner and lights thicker, the three questions to ask yourself, lightness as opposed to brightness etc. etc. Its all there.

I truly enjoyed seeing the evolution of your painting in the video. I learn by watching, and this was "enlightening" as well as "in lightening."

Bravo! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us Cynthia. I am grateful.

This DVD gets ***** (thats 5 stars)

-Cynthia Civette-

This is a video for anyone who wants to learn about painting.  Twenty plus years of teaching students how to draw and paint have given Cynthia the knowledge and skill to help students see more clearly what is necessary to accomplish their vision.

The camera stays on the model constantly, giving you the ability to see exactly what Cynthia is painting from start to finish.

Divided into three sections and filled with handouts, the information is easy to review and retain.

Cynthia's unique vocabulary helps the artist remember the questions and directions one needs to ask when confronted with the subject.  Her color mixing skills and the approach to glazing are very helpful in finding the ansers in your own work.

This video is not intended to give you a formula, but to give you a thought process to follow, enabling you as an artist to accomplish your goals and fly high!

Thank you Cynthia, for making this wonderful teaching tool.

-Arleen Kaller-


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